Model AnsBook Science

બોર્ડ આદર્શ ઉત્તરવહી : વિજ્ઞાન
 Board Model Ans.Book : Science 
This textbook of Science for Class X is a continuation of our attempt in the Class IX Science textbook to comply with the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework-2005. We had to work within a limited time frame and also had our own constraints coming in the way of this radical change.
The revised and re-structured syllabus for Class X covers selected topics in the broad themes of— Materials, The World of the Living, How Things Work, Natural Phenomena and Natural Resources. We have interpreted the syllabus to present a coherent coverage of scientific concepts related to our daily life on the select topics.
It is an integrated approach to science at this level, with no sharp divisions into disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science. There has been a conscious attempt to address the relevant social concerns in this science textbook wherever possible — the concerns for people with special needs, the issues of gender discrimination, energy and environment have found their natural place in this book.