Std 10 English U-9 Test

Std: 10 : Unit: 9 : Tune Up O Teens
Hello friends,
I have tried to put an online quiz series of all the units of Std. 10. So this is Unit No 09 : Tune up O Teens.
As you know, as you have learnt in your school or classes, this unit is about the problems faced by the teen-agers, students and parents. Experts in different fields are trying to give solutions and advices to them. It’s a seminar based unit. And I think it’s a very wonderful theme.
This test contains 25 questions. It is based on MCQ pattern. You have to answer all the questions. At the end of the test, as soon as you submit your answers, you will get your result. You will also get which answers are right and which are wrong. You will also get correct answers for your wrong answers.

I insist you to give the test 3 times even if you get full marks.
Best of Luck