Std 10 English Paper Shishu 2019

Std 10 Question Paper
Friends here I am presenting you a Practice Paper of Std 10 English (SL) Subject. This question paper was asked in Saraswati Shishu Mandir School of Sardar Nagri Bardoli, Di. Surat. Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks has prepared a new textbook as per the new curriculum developed by the Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board which has been sanctioned by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat. The textbooks of Standard - 1 to 12 are in accordance with the guidelines of N.C.F. (National Curriculum Framework) and N.C.E.R.T.
A panel of experts from Universities/ Colleges, Teachers Training Colleges and Schools have helped in preparing the manuscript of the subject. It is then reviewed by another panel of experts to suggest changes and filter out the mistakes, if any. The suggestions of the reviewers are considered thoroughly and necessary changes are made in the manuscript. Thus, the Textbook Board takes sufficient care in preparing an error free manuscript. The Board is vigilant even while printing the textbooks.
This is the English (Second Language) Textbook for Standard 10. As per the new guidelines, this textbook provides a wider exposure to the communication skills, use of language and critical thinking skills.

Some of the Reads have been adapted to suit the level of the students. The Textbook Board is thankful to all those who have helped in preparing this textbook. However, we welcome suggestions in improving the quality of the text book.
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