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SOS Social Science Paper
The School Of Science is situated in Rajkot and Khanbhala. The SOS has published a useful paper set 2020 to get high result in S.S.C. Board. This paper set contains 3 question paper for Maths, Science, English and Social Science each. So the student can get total number of 12 papers for thorough practice.
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 The revised and re-structured syllabus for Class X covers selected topics in the broad themes of— Materials, The World of the Living, How Things Work, Natural Phenomena and Natural Resources. We have interpreted the syllabus to present a coherent coverage of scientific concepts related to our daily life on the select topics.
Special care has been taken so that the rigour of science is not lost while simplifying the language. Difficult and challenging ideas, which are not to be covered at this stage, have often been placed as extra material in the boxes in light orange.
Social Sci P1
Social Sci P2
Social Sci P3


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